• Scandinavian Airlines MD82

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    Your chance to enjoy the Scandinavian Maddog in action!
    Join Owe and Jesper on a return flight between Stockhom Arlanda and Åre Östersund and back. You have the best seat and the best views as it happens.

  • Iran Air B747-200

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    You're invited to Iran Air's classic Boing 747-200 on a flight from IKA - Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran to IST - Atatürk International Airport in Istanbul.

    The video is 46 minutes long and contains Startup, takeoff from IKA, enroute including cabin service and approach and landing at IST.

  • Iran Air B747SP

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    Iran Air invites you to fly in the cockpit of their Boeing 747SP. 4 hours of pure 747SP action.
    Sit in the best seat, enjoy the best views at the right time.

    All 4 Iran Air B747SP's are included in the full video.

    - Flights in the cockpit
    - Pre flight walkaround
    - Iran Air maintenance

  • Skiathos Airport Video

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    Spectacular airport video where all action is LOWER and CLOSER!!

    Short runway with water on both ends calls for some extraordinary runway action.
    The scenic and beautiful island of Skiathos in Greece is very much like SXM – St Maarten in the caribbean.
    Watch as the aircraft comes in LOW over...

  • Syphax Airlines A319 BONUS DJE-CDG-DJE

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    1 Hour Bonus footage of Syphax Airlines A319 not available on DVD or Blu-ray.

    Join Syphax Airlines in their Airbus 319 on a return flight from DJE (Djerba, Tunisia) to CDG (Paris, Charles de Gaulle, France) and back to DJE.
    FS110 DJE-CDG
    FS105 CDG-DJE
    This one hour cockpit video will give ...

  • Syphax Airlines A319

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    Experience their professional service! Start with a pre flight briefing and then join Captain Abdellatif for his external inspection.
    During the flights the pilots will keep you updated on the routes and give a lot of info. You will enjoy a cockpit presentation during one of...

  • Air Kenya Express Dash 7 & Dash 8

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    Experience Air Kenya Express and their fantastic operations in Kenya. Fly into the amazing Maasai Mara on the Dash 7.
    You will land on dirts trips in the savannah with Zebras, elephants and other wildlife next to the aircraft.
    This is what the Dash 7 does be...

  • Air Austral B737-800

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    This 3 hour 45 minute video will show you the Air Austral operation of their B737-800 into various destinations in the Indian Ocean.
    UU255 RUN Reunion Island - TNR Antananarivo, Madagascar
    UU256 TNR Antananarivo, Madagascar - RUN Reunion Island
    External view of the B737-800

  • Iran Air A320 / A300-600

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    IRAN AIR A320 / A300-600
    Fly to 4 different destinations in this cockpit video featuring Iran Air A320 and A300-600. Friendly and informative updates from the crews at all time during the flight, approach briefings, checklists and the best seat onboard makes this a real treat for you.
    You will ...

  • Estonian Air B737-500

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    ESTONIAN AIR B737-500
    Welcome to Estonian Air and a full featured cockpit video. During these 4 hours you will join the cockpit-crew for 8 flights in Europe on board Estonian Air's Boeing 737-500.
    You'll start off with a return flight to Amsterdam in The Netherlands via Vilnius in Lithuania on ...

  • Red Wings Airlines TU-204

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    Experience Russian aviation with RED WINGS AIRLINES, a charter company based in Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport.
    Join us for a return flight to Izmir in Turkey on the TUPOLEV 204 aircraft and back. Buckle up and enjoy the flights with a 3 pilot crew, departing from Moscow.
    Enjoy a presentation of th...

  • Estonian Air Regional SAAB 340

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    Experience the operations of Estonian Air Regional as we join the crew on one domestic return flight to Kuressaare in Estonia and then one return flight into Pulkovo Airport in Saint Petersburg, Russia onboard the SAAB 340.
    Captain Koovit will guide you through th...

  • Iran Air B727-200

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    IRAN AIR B727
    In this over 2 hour long cockpit video you will follow Captain Rahimian on a return trip from Tehran to Bandar Abbass in southern Iran.
    The crew will show you the Boeing 727 in the best way. Follow the Flight Engineer on his walkaround pre flight inspection before the flight back...

  • Kenya Airways B777-200ER

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    Follow First Officer Juma on his preflight walkaround in Nairobi before our longhaul flight up to London.
    Watch the cockpit crew prepare the cockpit for the flight and explain it for you.
    Flight Purser Maggie helps you around in the forward galley and shows you the ...

  • Air Austral B777-300ER

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    AIR AUSTRAL B777-300ER

    Enjoy the features of the fantastic Boeing 777-300ER. Finally on streaming and in HD.
    This 3,5 hour long video takes you onboard 3 flights between Paris - Charles De Gaulle and St Denis in Reunion Island.
    You will hear Captain Patrick Baron explain the differences between ...

  • Zambezi Airlines B737-500

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    Zambezi Airlines operated a fleet of Boeing 737-500 from their base in Lusaka, connecting Zambia with the rest of the South African region.
    Join crews as they fly this classic Boeing 737 on regional routes, explaining the approaches and procedures.
    Watch the pilots prepa...

  • Air Austral B777-200ER

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    AIR AUSTRAL B777-200ER
    Captain Michaux’s briefing prepares us for the spectacular landing at DZA.
    Outside temperature is 32’C, and there is terrain on short final and a displaced threshold on rwy 16.

    Join the approach of a Boeing 777-200ER with a landing weight of 187 000 kg, inbound a capta...